Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce


Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce - 265ml

Sweet mustard sauce, goes with Chops, BBQ Sausages and Chicken.  Also great with Pulled pork.


Ingredients: sugar, water, vinegar (Malted Barley Vinegar, Brandy Vinegar), 6.5& Mustard Seed, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein (soy), molasses, dextrose, invert sugar syrup, paprika, onion, (sulphites), thickener (xanthan gum), orange peel, herbs, spices, colour (ammonia caramel, sulphite ammonia caramel), garlic (sulphites), smoke flavouring, chipotle pepper, smoked paprika powder, jalapeno pepper, preservative (potassium sorbate, potassium metaisulphite), acid (Citric acid), flavouring, natural flavouring, modified potato starch, curry (mustard).